Oxfam International and ACEP Officers call on GNC President 

Mr. Richard Hato-Kuervor, Oxfam International in Ghana’s Extractive Industries Program Officer and Mr. Benjamin Boakye, Director of Operations at the Africa Center for Energy Policy (ACEP) called on the President of the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago in Chicago to discuss Oxfam and ACEP in Ghana and Ghanaians in the diaspora can help with the organizations’ programs.  The President met the two officers at the Club Quarters Hotel on 116 W. Adams Street in downtown Chicago.  Mr. Antwi-Nsiah’s expressed his gratitude and those of Ghanaians living outside the country for the presence of the two organizations and the work they are doing in Ghana.  He was concerned though if these organizations would be able to receive enough support from authorities due to corruption and rampant nepotism in any developing economy. 

Oxfam in Ghana

Oxfam International began working in Ghana in1986. Our aim is to strengthen Civil Society Organizations to secure democratic accountability, fair distribution of wealth and justice. We work across four key areas:

·         Agriculture – The organization’s GROW campaign promotes national agricultural policy, practice and investments that respond to the interests and priorities of smallholder farmers and producers especially women. It also builds knowledge and understanding of climate change among smallholder farmers and civil society and how it impacts on agriculture and food security.

·         Health Care – The organizations wants to see all Ghanaians benefit from fair and better access to essential health services. To that end their nationwide universal access to health care campaign envisages health care for all, free at the point of use.

·         Extractives – The organization’s Right to Know, Right to Decide campaign connects the dots between grassroots issues and global policy reform work. They work with civil society organizations to secure transparency, equity and justice in the gold mining, oil and gas sectors.

In all that they do they ensure that women and the most vulnerable are at the heart of our work.

African Center for Energy Policy (ACEP) is an African energy policy think tank, an advisory based organization working with partners around the World and especially in Africa to harness the potential of Africa’s vast energy resources (oil, gas and renewable) for the accelerated development of the Continent. The Centre recently added mineral policy to its portfolio following the demand by stakeholders to expand our reach to helping address the problems facing Africa’s mining sector.

The Center was established in 2010 registered in Ghana under the Companies Registration Code with registration number CG044282013. It is also registered as not-for-profit organization with number DSW15703.

Some of its projects are:

1. Public Financial Management –

Value for Money Audit of petroleum revenue funded projects

Spending strategy for petroleum revenues and expenditure

Analysis of petroleum revenues

2. Resource Governance

3.  Ghana National Gas Policy Consultation

4. Parliamentary Capacity Program