The Haske Society of Chicago was formally outdoored on October 25, 1976 in Chicago by a group of visionary young men who wanted to develop an oasis of hope in a desert of hopelessness for recent immigrants from West Africa

The initial goal of the group was to create an environment for carrying on with some of the rudimentary cultural practices of the “Zongo Experience”. During the early days of the organization, a strong sense of camaraderie was established among its members. There were series of communal celebrations held to concretize the organization’s achievements as a family. 

The able leader during this golden period was none other than Alhaji Adjei Abubakar Okoe. Over the years Haske has managed to transform itself to keep pace with the changing community. Haske has become bigger than the original vision. 

Haske has served as the focus for rallying around the clan to celebrate the birth of a child, the consummation of a marriage and the officiating of the going home prayers for our dearly departed ones. The Society has furthered its work by assisting members financially and emotionally. It has sponsored trips home for destitute members, presented gifts to visiting scholars and politicians from Ghana. 

About four years ago, the organization founded a Madrasat, a school for Islamic Studies for the youth in the community. Classes are held once a week under the tutelage of Ustaz Mohammed Al-Thani, a recent graduate of the University of Kuwait. The principal of the institution is Alhaji Baba Cisse, who is responsible for the development of the curriculum.


Haske Society of Chicago is committed to strengthening the spiritual, cultural, economic and social needs of its membership. It will research, nurture, educate and form alliances with organizations with similar goals in its efforts to enlighten the community.


The leadership of the Society is comprised of an executive president, vice president, treasurer, secretary and financial secretary. A board of directors supports the executive leadership of the Society. The membership of the board is made up of the Chief, Imam and the Galadima. The Society also has a council of elders whose role is to serve as the conscience of the organization.


The Haske Society of Chicago is open to any one who subscribes to the tenets of its mission. Membership is secured through the payment of a registration fee and annual dues.