5 Ghanaians Die In South America Trying To Get To USA

According to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, five Ghanaians have died while trying to cross the Colombia-Panama border in South America. The five were part of a group of migrants, which included two other Ghanaians and 28 other foreign nationals, who were intent on crossing into the United States.

  • The statement did not mention what caused their deaths, except to say that similar deaths occur on the Panama-Mexico route every year.
  • Travel through Central America is a long and extremely hazardous route to try and cross illegally into the US.
  • Migrants beginning in Brazil must survive the dangers of the Amazon rainforest, then get through Colombia, where drug cartels do not take kindly to people passing through their territories. They then have to cross into Panama, then Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and finally into Mexico.
  • Drug cartels, gangs, local police and militaries, and the many hazards of the wild natural environment make the journey through South and Central America difficult and dangerous in the extreme.
  • Nevertheless, each year thousands of Africans risk their lives along this route and other dangerous routes trying to gain entry to the US and Europe.
  • Currently, about 80 Ghanaians are believed to be in the forests of Colombia trying to cross into Panama with the hope of eventually entering the US.

Source: infobox