Ghanafest is a one-day, annual event held on the last Saturday of July and sponsored by the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago and 14 other organizations in the Chicago area.  It is a Ghanaian festival showcasing Ghana’s culture, fashion, food and music.  The event attracts about 5,000 attendees each year.  The breakdown of attendees are; 50% African 30% African-American 20% Caucasian  70% families 30% singles 40% male 60% female . 

The festival celebrates the history and culture of that West African nation, Ghana,  formerly known as the Gold Coast and recognizes the special bond of unity between Ghana and the United States. Ghanafest is rife with the sights, sounds and smells of the native western coast of Africa from which its traditions hail. Local chieftains, queen mothers, their princes, princesses, and other court members parade majestically in opulent regalia. Drums beat out rhythmic melodies. Vendors display and sell African art and crafts.  Regional cuisine is dished out as liberally as the hospitality. There is dancing and merriment, art and excitement, and, most important of all, thanksgiving for the abundance of the camaraderie of spirit inherent in this annual festival.  This year the organizers of Ghanafest, the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago will showcase a booth dubbed “Ghana Village” which would show documentaries of some of the industries in Ghana and will also show documentaries of Ghana’s tourism industry and investment opportunities in the country.  Interacting with the Ghanaian community members in Chicago and all over the United States will expose non-Ghanaian attendees to the hospitality of the Ghanaian people.

This year the prices for participating in the event are as follows:

Gate                                                         $10.00
Food Vendors                                          $300.00
Public Vendors                                        $120.00
Corporate Vendors                                  $250.00
Full Page Ad Book Advert                      $200.00
Half Page Ad Book Advertising             $100.00

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ormation please call (312) 609-9907 or email to paakwasisam@gmail.com