The Ghana National Council is the mouthpiece of the Ghanaian community in the Chicago metropolitan area.  It serves as the community representative and coordinator between the Ghana government and the growing population of Ghanaian citizens in Chicago.


The vision of the Council is:  

1. Build or lease a Ghana Cultural Center or Ghana House where activities for the Ghanaian Community are held.  When the center is acquired Ghanaians would not need to rent hotels and banquet halls for their activities. This will also mean revenue from Ghanaian expenditures come back to build the community. The Cultural Center will also serve as a Ghanaian community center for Ghanaian and non-Ghanaian youth social and school activities.  The Center will also serve as a food pantry for the homeless in the Chicago area regardless of ethnicity. 

2. The appointment of a Counsel-General for the Ghanaian population in the Midwest is also a priority of the Council. 

3. Make every Ghanaian in the Chicago Metropolitan Area self-sufficient by providing amenities and the tools to live comfortably in the area. 

4. Provide every senior without life insurance with affordable life insurance.

5. Provide every college and high school student with a mentor in the Ghanaian community.

6. Provide Ghanaian businesses the support needed to upgrade and maintain a successful business

7. Help every able Ghanaian in the community find a job.

8. Provide new Ghanaian residents with temporary housing.

9. Educate Ghanaian and non-Ghanaians in Ghanaian culture, music and fashion.