The GHANA NATIONAL COUNCIL (GNC) began in the 1960s as the story of the GHANA STUDENT’S UNION (GSU) of Chicago. The history continues today as the story of the Ghana National Council, now an umbrella organization of fourteen (14) affiliate Ghanaian organizations. The need for a national organization became obvious to a group of concerned Ghanaians in the mid to late 1960's. Volunteers joined forces to set up the GSU, which immediately rallied support and goodwill in the community.  Representations were established with the Ghana Government and with the Ghana Embassy in Washington. The GSU was accorded recognition.  Later some Ghanaian organizations operating in the Chicago Metropolitan area came together to form the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago.  In January of 1984, the umbrella organization of these various organizations was incorporated as the Ghana National Council of Mteropolitan Chicago.  More and more organizations joined the council and by January of 2005 there were twelve(12) organizations under the umbrella of the Ghana National Council;  The council was operating as a 501(c) 3 organization granted by the Internal Revenue Service. In December 2005 the Ghanaian Nurses Association dropped out of the Council leaving eleven organizations. There is a governing council made of three representatives each from the member organizations under the umbrella of the council.  Every organization has one vote.  The president, treasurer and sergeant-at-arms are elected by a simple majority of the affiliates of the council.  The president then appoints a vice president and other executive members of the council. Next Page